Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to Add Clickable Attachments and Links to emails in Yahoo on Windows 10?

The Windows 10 Mail App can manage more than one account from a single interface. If you are facing difficulties in inserting clickable photos, links, attachments. Then follow this procedure to customize emails on Windows 10.

Open your Windows Mail App:

1. Click on + New Mail button. It will open an email composition window for you
2. Click on Format menu>> Arrow shape icon next to U.
3. It will enable text formatting option on your mail
4. Click on that small arrow shown in front of the ‘Headings menu’ in order to access Paragraph Formatting options:
5. The small Arrow next to Headings menu enables Paragraph formatting
6. The last menu customizes Text heading, Titles and Reference etc.
7. To add Attachments and Emails, Click on Insert menu
8. Click on Attach to attach a document or file to your email message
9. Click Table to customize tables. Click Link Menu to insert clickable URL. Click Picture Menu to insert images  

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How iPhone users view Chat History of Yahoo! Messenger?

The procedure mentioned below enables iPhone users to view the Chat History of Yahoo! Messenger in their phone. Yahoo Messenger stores conversations history to make instant messaging possible. The procedure to view this Chat history is as follows.Enter your Login Email ID and Password   to access your Yahoo Mail account. The account should be linked with your Yahoo Mail messenger.

1.  Tap on the Mail icon
2.   Visit Email account linked to Messenger
3.  Towards the bottom of your Home page, there is a folder called Y! Conversations.
4.  Click Y! Conversations folder
5.  It will open your Chat History
6.  That is all you need to do to view Yahoo messenger Chat history on your iPhone.  
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How to Group and Delete Emails by Conversations?

This post will tell you how to How to Group and Delete Emails by Conversations. It is a good habit to group your messages into one conversation. This reduces the mess and declutters your inbox. You can search a string of conversation just by searching a single entry in your search box. So grouping the message will increase your productivity by two times. Here are the ways you can Group and Delete Emails by Conversations.

Turn Conversations On or Off :
1. Click on the gear icon on your Yahoo! Click on ‘Settings’.
2. Select ‘Viewing email’.
3. Check or uncheck the ‘Enable conversations’ option.
4. Click on ‘Save’.

Expand or Collapse a Conversation:
In a conversation thread you can see the snippets of your messages in the thread. The most recent message is in the full view at the bottom for you to read.
1. To read the previous message, expand it by simply clicking on the snippet.
2. Click on the header of the email to collapse the message.

Delete an Email in Conversation:
1. Click on the email to expand it.
2. Click on the ‘more’ option at the bottom of the email.
3. Click on ‘Delete message’.

Delete an Entire Conversation:
To delete an entire conversation, simply select the conversation and click on ‘Delete’.

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Email Forwarding on Yahoo! Mail

This post will tell you about Email Forwarding on Yahoo! Mail. If you are using more than one email accounts, then you would like to get all your incoming messages regrouped to a single email account. For this, Yahoo! Mail provides the Email Forwarding feature. It enables the user to forward the incoming messages from another email account to a particular email account. This procedure will tell you how to configure email forwarding on your email account.

Click on the ‘gear icon’ given on the top right corner. And go to the ‘More Settings Email’.
2. Go to the ‘Managing your account’ section and click on ‘Forwarding emails’.
3. Check the box given next to ‘Forward your email to another email account’.
4. Enter the email address where you want your messages to be forwarded to.
5. Click on save to save the settings.

1. Open the ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’.
2. Click on ‘Add a forwarding address’.
3. Enter the email address where you want your emails to be forwarded to.
4. Click on ‘Next’.

Yahoo! Mail:

1. Go to options>Yahoo Mail
2. Go to the ‘Managing e-mail’ menu and click on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’.
3. Click on ‘Add a forwarding address’.
4. Enter the email address of your master account and click ‘Next’.
5. Check your inbox for the email with the confirmation code on your given address.

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Dynamic Date Separators in Yahoo! Mail

If you have to spend most of the time looking for an email on Yahoo! mail, then you should know some more about dynamic date separators in Yahoo! mail. Yahoo! sorts out your emails according to the date, so you can see them separated by blocks of time so that you can easily scan them as and when required. Dynamic Date Separators in Yahoo! Mail segregates your emails based on the time they were received at. The header will be set according to the time of the week, month or the year. Here are some sample headers you can see on Yahoo! mail.

1. Days of the week: you’ll see the headers like ‘Today’ or ‘Yesterday’. You can also see an individual day like ‘Sunday’.
2. Last week: this will include all those emails you received before Sunday.
3. Earlier in (Month name): this will include the emails you received at the beginning of the ongoing month and the ones which don’t fall under the above 2 lists.
4. Previous Months: the emails you received during the last five months will be segregated by each month.
5. Earlier in Year: this will include the emails you received earlier in the ongoing year and the ones who don’t fall under the above 4 categories.
6. Previous Years: the emails older than one year are included in this list.

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Configure Yahoo! and other accounts to your iPad

If you want to know how to configure Yahoo! and other accounts to your iPad, then you’re at the right place. If you’re using an iPad, you know that there is a pre-loaded mail application on your iPad. You can handle your multiple email accounts through this single application. You just need to configure your email account with the mail app. So here are the steps to configure Yahoo! and other accounts on your iPad.

1. On your home screen, go to the Mail application.
2. Go to the ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.
3. Click on ‘Add Account’.
4. From the list, select your email service provider.
5. Enter your login information in the required fields. Click on ‘Next’.
6. If your data is correct, then you will be able to access your mailbox through the mail application.

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How to get Yahoo Account Key on new phone with the help of installed Yahoo App on old phone?

An account Key gives user access to email account without entering password.  Account Key generated once cannot be used second time. It is Valid for only onetime login.If you have brought a new mobile set and have access to old phone as well. You can use Keys generated on older phone to access Yahoo mail on new phone. The procedure to get Yahoo Account Key on new phone with the help of old phone. 

1. Install the same code generating Yahoo App on new phone which you were using on old phone
2.  Open the Application and Tap on Sign-in
3.  Now enter your Username in the given field
4.   Click on Continue
5.  The next page will prompt you to enter an account Key
6.   Now refer to your old phone and tap  Account Key icon
7.  It will open a page that shows Account Key
8.  Enter this Key on new phone and click on Sign in
9.   Now your new phone should start receiving Account Key notification!
10.  Now if you are planning to reuse old phone, sign-out from your Yahoo App and reset your phone in Settings.
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Saturday, 23 July 2016

How to Use Yahoo Messenger Via An Online Service

Yahoo messenger is one of the oldest and the first on the web instant messaging services. Launched in 1999 it was estimated to have more than 94 million active users who used to exchange messages. All you have to do is download the yahoo messenger on your computer and sign in using your user id and password.

How to use yahoo messenger via an online service:

  • Visit yahoo messenger and click on “download now”.
  • Once the yahoo messenger has been downloaded, install the software on your computer keeping in mind your operating system.
  • If you have a yahoo mail account, good. If not, then sign up for a yahoo mail account. Follow all the steps as asked for, click to accept the terms service and privacy policy and your account is ready to be used.
  • Go to the yahoo login page and click on the smiling yellow yahoo in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be directed to a sign in screen. Here enter your login id and password to sign in to the yahoo messenger and from here keep in touch with your near and dear ones.
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How to Enable SSL in Yahoo Mail

Though the internet is one of the most useful things to have at your disposal at all times, but then it exposes you to a lot of privacy and theft related issues. When talking about yahoo it has this major security flaw where it did not encrypt any of your email sessions. But in 2012-13, yahoo came up with the DIY SSL where the user can himself go to the settings and turn on the SSL feature on their own.

In order to enable the SSL feature in yahoo, you must follow below mentioned steps:

  • Login to your yahoo mail account using your yahoo mail username and password.
  • In your yahoo mail account, click on the gear icon.
  • In the drop down bar click on “Mail Options”.
  • From here go to the “General tab” > “Advanced Settings”.
  • Turn on the SSL feature by checking the box next to “Turn on SSL”.
  • Click on the “Save” button to save changes. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

How To Configure Yahoo Mail In Outlook

This guide will help you to configure your yahoo mail in outlook (2007, 2013, 2016). Emails sent to your yahoo account can be read using MS Outlook. But your yahoo account will require a paid subscription with mail forwarding support and POP3 access to avail this service. Your yahoo account will be needed to configured a bit to set it up for Outlook. The settings applied will have to be tested to check if there is any information missing or incorrect. So this post will guide you to configure your yahoo mail in outlook (2007, 2013, 2016).

1. Open MS Outlook on your system.
2. Click ‘Next’ on the get started page. It will ask you ‘Do you want to set up Outlook to connect to an email account?’. Select ‘Yes’ and click ‘Next’.
3. Fill in your details and click on ‘Next’.
4. The outlook will take several minutes to configure your account.
5. Tick the check box ‘Change account settings’ given below. Click on ‘Next’.
6. From the ‘Choose service’ dialogue box, select ‘POP or IMAP’. Click ‘Next’.
7. On the next page, click on ‘More settings’ given on the lower right corner of the page.
8. Open the ‘Outgoing server’ tab from the top panel.
9. Tick the check box, ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’. Select ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’.
10. Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab from the top panel. Tick the check box against ‘This server requires encrypted connection (SSL)’.
11.  Select ‘TLS’ from the drop down menu given against ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’.
12.  Untick the check box given against ‘Remove from server after x days’.
13.  Save the settings. Click on ‘Next’. Your outlook will test your settings. Click on ‘Finish’ when the test is done.
14.  Your Yahoo will be configured.

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